NZXT Function 2

NZXT is looking to take on the competition with this excellent model.

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NZXT has been supplying PC builders with solid components for two decades, and has actually been making hardware such as mice, keyboards and headsets for a while too. But due to the fierce competition in the market, it just hasn't been noticed as much, which is a shame because the dark colour and white looks great in practice. Here we take a look at their latest keyboard.

The Function series currently covers at least five different models, and this includes mini and TKL versions. The Function 2 is a completely standard, full-size keyboard that stands out in a number of design aspects. The keyboard belongs to the more serious end of the scale, as the price tag of £140 also testifies. But then you also get an 8000Hz polling rate, NZXT's own optical switches with 0.2 ms response time and adjustability of 1 mm or 1.5 mm, and I actually like that NZXT has made the decision for the user on what the settings should be. They are obviously lubricated from the factory. I fully realise that the very hardcore users will want to decide for themselves what to use for lubrication, but for 99% of all users, this is the best solution.

NZXT Function 2
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For those who want to decide everything themselves anyway, there is the option to replace the 40g switches with something else. It's fully hot-swappable all the way, and comes with a handful of 35g and 45g switches, as well as button and switch removal tools. This makes it possible to actually try out different levels of pressure, and since you've already got the tools, you can just try out and then buy exactly what you want. Or you can do as NZXT themselves suggests; swap the most commonly used keys, typically WASD, with 35g switches, and use the included 45g switches on the keys you absolutely do not want to accidentally activate, e.g. your grenade key.

One thing you'll quickly notice is that the keys don't make the classic "plastic ping" when they hit the bottom. It's a combination of two layers of cushioning foam and circuit boards with tape, despite the aluminium top plate. The keys are extremely fast and super easy to activate. It's a really comfortable and extremely fast way to activate the keys. Plus, a magnetic wrist rest is included and instead of a cushion, the top is covered with a hard but still compliant rubberised coating.

NZXT Function 2

There's one more trick, though: NZXT has thought logically going as far to ask why should you use your mouse hand for multifunction buttons? The volume wheel now sits on the top left side, on the edge of the keyboard, as does the light button, and there's a Winlock button too, for anyone that actually uses that button. The customisable CAM software, on the other hand, has become somewhat simpler, with a much clearer user interface, and it "only" takes up 447MB. It takes a little time to learn, but it makes perfect sense when you get to grips with it.

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The keyboard is quite nice to use, the RGB lighting is appropriate without taking up too much attention, and the build quality is good. But for me, the most important thing is the quality typing feel of the switches and the fact that it's not as noisy as almost every other keyboard on the market. The volume control on the side and the nubbed surface is also something you learn to love over time.

It's a strong contender for a competitor to the more well-known keyboard brands and their flagship models.

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NZXT Function 2

NZXT Function 2

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NZXT is looking to take on the competition with this excellent model.

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