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Dota 2

OG parts ways with ana

Another team switches up its Dota 2 roster.

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The fallout from The International often sees a lot of teams change up their rosters, such as Team Secret (although Virtus.Pro have remained adamant they aren't disbanding), and now another team has announced a roster change, this being OG, who revealed <a href="">via Facebook that Anathan 'ana' Pham is leaving the team.

"The conclusion of The International is bittersweet; the end of a well fought year and the start of a fresh season," the post starts. "This past year was wild; we rebuilt our roster, forged new friendships and took on the world. We had our share of lows, but we overcame those as a team and proved ourselves time and time again. Together we defended the Eaglesong and captured the Mystic Staff. Although our run at The International was cut short, we are far from finished. We will not give up."

"With the new season just on the horizon, we are announcing the departure of Anathan 'ana' Pham from our active roster. To Anathan: you've been an invaluable teammate this year and our family has grown―we will miss you. We wish you success and happiness in all your future endeavors. We look forward to your return to the Dota 2 arena!"

"I would like to thank OG for an unforgettable year! Everyone on this team has taught me something in one way or another, including Evany and Sebastien (7ckngmad). I had an amazing time and wish them the best of luck in the future," ana himself added.

Do you think ana was the right person to go?

Dota 2
Photo: OG

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