OLED Switch model reportedly costs Nintendo $10 extra to make per unit

And yet the model is retailing for around $50 more than a regular Switch.

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Last week, Nintendo unveiled the next Nintendo Switch model, a device that boasts an OLED screen and a few other minor upgrades. The system that will be releasing on October 8 is set to retail for around $350, which is a little more than what a typical Switch goes for these days (usually around $300), which is quite a considerable increase considering the system doesn't offer performance upgrades.

Even more alarmingly, a recent report by Bloomberg has stated that it costs Nintendo around $10 extra to manufacture an OLED Switch model than it does a normal Switch. So despite the $50 hike in prices for a better screen, better kickstand, and an ethernet port, Nintendo is only taking a $10 hit extra per system.

According to the report, the OLED screen from Samsung costs around $3-5 per unit, the larger internal storage (now 64GB) is another $3.50, and the upgraded dock with the ethernet port adds a few extra dollars.

Usually when we get a new pricier console in a family, for example the Xbox One X or the PlayStation 4 Pro, they offer improved performance amid other benefits to warrant the increase in cost, but Nintendo is taking a little different approach. With the recent announcement of Valve's Steam Deck, which seems almost like a declaration of war on the Switch, you have to wonder if the long rumoured Switch Pro that is expected to be bringing improved performance is in fact on its way at some point.

OLED Switch model reportedly costs Nintendo  extra to make per unit

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