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The OnePlus 12 marks the company's 10th anniversary, and it does so with a bang. The design is an evolution of the very clean industrial design of the OnePlus 11 - which is still an excellent phone by the way. The camera body blends in with the metal frame on the side, and the back is dominated by the huge, impressive camera body with Hasselblad optics. As always, the only criticism I can find is that it doesn't come with a cover from the start, which I think is reasonable, especially when OnePlus does it with their cheaper phones.

On top of this, the Trinity Engine is also used, which is the extra software layer that OnePlus has developed to connect with Android 14, optimising computing power, storage and RAM. These are small things that add up to better performance. For example, the technical documentation states that the CPU optimisation alone provides half an hour of extra battery life, and the storage optimisation provides up to 20GB of extra space.

OnePlus 12

The cooling consists of, brace yourself, "Dual Cryo-velocity VC Cooling S". Or more colloquially, a dual-chamber system for Vapour Chamber. It works pretty well, the only way I got the phone to warm up was by super-ultra-mega charging it while simultaneously loading it with a heavy synthetic workload. 9,140mm2 is the total cooling area spread over two surfaces, hence the name, and if you look at renderings of the interior and the cooling system, it's actually impressive that the phone isn't thicker.

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Even better, the battery life is insanely good unless you're gaming several hours a day. I got it to last for three days on a single charge. I usually charge my phone around 20%, it takes about 15 minutes to hit 80%, and then the charging speed slowly slows down. Oneplus claims 11 minutes at 0-50% and 26 minutes at 0-100%, and that's about right.

OnePlus 12

The screen is stunning, clear, extremely bright, and highly impressive. It's a 6.7" 2K 120Hz ProXDR AMOLED display with LTPO+. It's a 3168x1440 resolution, with a peak brightness of 4500 nits - thankfully you could say that's not the standard brightness, otherwise the phone would melt. In addition, there are various technologies and software that ensure that your old games and videos look almost modern in their visual expression.

The OnePlus 12 comes in a greenish colour and black and weighs 220g. Unsurprisingly, it uses OnePlus' own version of Android 14, which is as always easy to use, fluid, intuitive and easy to use.

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OnePlus 12

The camera is unsurprisingly really good. OnePlus has always delivered a great camera experience with top-notch hardware, but the collaboration with Hasselblad has just elevated it all. There's a 50MP wide-angle camera with Sony's new LYT-808 sensor, there's a 64MP periscope telephoto camera and finally a 114 degree Ultra-Wide. Of course, there's HDR, Hasselblad's MasterMode and portrait mode, as well as the ability to record 4K Dolby Vision video - and that's something that's a real eye-opener if you're used to something a little older. The colours are hugely impressive in both video and photos, I've taken quite a few nature shots in the snow as well as of people in different situations, and I'm actually impressed for once with how good the images and especially the colours are, even in low-light environments.

The sound is actually quite reasonable, which is something we don't often say. As I take good care of the things we borrow here at Gamereactor, I didn't get to try out their new "Aqua Touch" which is supposed to improve the screen's ability to detect pressure in the rain and with wet fingers, but I'll take their word for it. Infrared remote control is now also available, I just don't have many smart things in my home that use it - it's a conscious decision, but I appreciate that they've included it.

The prices for the OnePlus 12 are approximately £900/1000 Euro for the 12GB RAM//256GB storage version and around £1000/1100 Euro for the 16GB RAM 512GB storage version (approximations have been used as our official pricing has only come in the form of 7699/8699 DKK so far). This is pretty competitive, especially when it has perhaps the best camera you can find and a great screen experience combined.

OnePlus 12

After using this phone for a few weeks, I have to say that I'd probably strongly consider buying one myself, powerful wireless charging and a battery that just keeps going in combination with a great screen and a camera that takes professional level pictures is hard not to recommend.

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