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Only one out of four gamers have finished Sifu's second level

And around one-in-ten have completed level three.

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Sifu was released earlier this month and was awarded a 7 from Gamereactor. One of our main complaints in the review was the unnecessary difficulty spike that made the game more of a chore than fun to play.

And it seems like data proves we were on to something, as Push Square now reveals that trophies reveals that only 27% of the gamers finished the second level of the game, and it continues to fall sharply after that (only 11% for the third level and so on). This is a big contrast towards the first level, which was finished by 80% of all gamers.

It was recently confirmed that Sifu will get an easier difficulty. Hopefully, this will be enough to make gamers come back to try again and increase the percentage that have managed to finish at least the second level...


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