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Avatar: The Way of Water

Only two shots in Avatar: The Way of Water didn't use CGI

And they were only brief moments.

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Anyone who has been to the cinemas to see Avatar: The Way of Water will be more than familiar with heavy usage of CGI in the movie, which was necessary to bring the striking world of Pandora to life.

To this end, as part of a brief interview with Metro during the BAFTA Film awards, senior visual effects supervisor Eric Saindon revealed that very little of the lengthy movie didn't use CGI, in fact, only two shots in the entire film did not.

As for which shots these were, Saindon stated: "There's one of Spider's eyeball and there's one of the bottom of the ocean and just some ripples in the bottom of the water".

The rest of the entire movie was influenced by CGI and VFX in some way, albeit if some moments, those being around the human characters, were no doubt less CGI heavy than others.

Avatar: The Way of Water recently became the third highest-grossing movie of all-time, knocking Titanic off the podium.

Avatar: The Way of Water

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