Gears of War 4

OpTic wins the Gears of War Pro Circuit Mexico City Open

They earned $80,000 USD in the process.

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Gears of War 4's esports scene is in a healthy state right now, with the Gears Pro Circuit providing regular competitions both for professional teams and fans, and now OpTic Gaming has claimed another victory at a big event, this being the Mexico City Open this past weekend.

They met Ghost Gaming in the grand final, who had previously fallen to OpTic, and fell yet again, just as eUnited and other teams had done to the side known as the 'Green Wall', who won $80,000 USD for their troubles.

Next up is the Las Vegas Open from April 6 to 8, where OpTic Gaming will no doubt be looking to repeat this success. Can they do it?

Gears of War 4
Photo: Gears of War Esports

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