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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's ranked mode will undergo some significant changes

The game's director admits the ranked mode suffered from 'poor comprehension.'

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The Overwatch 2 team has confirmed that they will be looking into Ranked mode and making some significant changes as the game moves into its third season and beyond.

Overwatch 2's Director Aaron Keller opened up about the issues the game has faced on an official post via the game's website. "We've gotten feedback from players that the game doesn't feel rewarding enough to play and that players can't earn the items they want in a short enough period of time. We'll be making a change in S3 that should address some of these complaints," Keller said, after saying there was a lot of "confusion" among players around their real rank and why they were matched up against other players.

There will also be some changes coming to game mechanics, such as the cost of ultimate abilities. "One-shots and frustrating hero mechanics are being discussed a lot in the community and on the team," Keller said. "This is an ongoing discussion, but the topic has a lot of nuances that involves the frequency of those mechanics, trade-offs for using it, the overall power level of a hero, how often the hero is played, as well as things like a hero's fantasy."

This certainly seems a step in the right direction for Overwatch 2, but we'll have to see what changes are going to be implemented before we can confirm whether they'll fix the game's issues or not.

Overwatch 2

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