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Overwatch League names its 2021 Rookie and Coach of the Year

The recipient of the 2021 Dennis Hawelka Award has also been revealed.

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The Overwatch League is rounding out the 2021 season right now with the Playoffs currently in full swing, bringing the top teams from around the world together to compete for the title of OWL Champion. But, that's not all that has been taking place in the League, as a bunch of awards have been given out.

Yesterday, we talked about Xin "Leave" Huang getting the MVP Award, but the Chengdu Hunters star wasn't the only player recognised for their performance over the year, as the Rookie or the Year, Coach of the Year, and the Dennis Hawelka Award recipient have all been named.

The Rookie of the Year went to the Atlanta Reign's Se-Hyun "Pelican" Oh, for helping the team make it to three consecutive tournament appearances out of the possible four. Speaking about the award, Pelican said, "There were a lot of rookies this season, pretty good ones as well, so I feel very happy and honored to receive this award. This award wouldn't have been possible without the support of the fans. I'll try to live up to this honor by working even harder, so please keep cheering for me!"

As for the Coach of the Year, that went to the Dallas Fuel's Hee-Won "Rush" Yun, who helped lead the team to three tournament appearances, even winning one. Talking about the award, Rush said, "This kind of opportunity doesn't happen very often, so I'm sure I'll remember it for a long time. In the future I'll look back and be able to say that I received this kind of recognition, and getting this award makes me want to work even harder in the future to be worthy of it."

Finally, the Dennis Hawelka Award - which is given to the player who made the biggest impact in the community - also went to a member of the Dallas Fuel, that member being Yeong-Han "Sp9rk1e" Kim.

You can read the full blog post that also gave a little more insight into each of the three recipients here.


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