Pac-Man turns 35 with worldwide celebrations

Ghost will be gobbled up, cherries picked up.

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On May 22, one of the most iconic video game characters will be celebrated as Pac-Man turns 35. As part of the celebrations, worldwide events will be taking place, with everything from birthday cakes to Pac-Man tournaments and other fun events tailored to the individual cities.

In Tokyo, the birthplace of Pac-Man, some of Japan's most famous actors Shingo Yanagisawa and Naomi Watanabe will attempt to set a Guinness world record, by creating the largest Pac-Man picture made out of people, with the help of all the attendees. In London, Pac-Man will be celebrating his birthday in a very special way, by being sent off into space. The trip will be documented with a GoPro camera, and the video will be shared on social media the same day.

These are just a couple of the many events happening around the world, and with the release of the upcoming Adam Sandler movie Pixels right around the corner, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Pac-Man turns 35 with worldwide celebrations

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