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Dota 2

Paco Rabanne becomes EPIC League broadcast partner

The men's fragrance provider is using the tournament to introduce Invictus to the world of esports.

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The men's fragrance creator Pace Rabanne has partnered with none other than the EPIC League as an official broadcast partner for the DOTA 2 tournament. The event will provide a platform for Paco Rabanne to present the Invictus men's perfume to a crowd of esports viewers, who are interested in watching the strongest teams in the DOTA 2 scene compete - which fits with Invictus' branding of strength, pride and glory.

With the advertising campaign developed by Starcom media Agency together with ESforce and Bridge A[gency], the partnership will organise large-scale integration of Invictus into the scene during the tournament's final stages, between December 8-13.

"Bearing in mind the Paco Rabanne strategic goals and the global benchmarks, we have found an innovative approach to expanding the Invictus brand positioning," said Polina Protsevskaya, Senior Digital Manager at Starcom. "The spirit of competition is in the brand's DNA, but the perfume category has been poorly represented in esports until today. This is why the brand entered this territory and immediately became a partner of the largest esports tournament of the current Dota 2 season — EPIC League".

Check out an image of the latest Invictus bottle below.

Dota 2

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