Panasonic launches new pre-calibrated 4K OLED

The GZ2000 4K OLED comes with both Dolby vision and HDR10+ and is calibrated by Hollywood technician Stefan Sonnenfelt.

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GZ2000 4K OLED not only has very powerful Dolby Atmos speakers, but also some quite unique selling points. It features a "professional" panel that has been pre-colour calibrated by Hollywood technician Stefan Sonnenfeld, and it also supports both Dolby Vision and the HDR10+ format found in most Samsung TV's.

Here at Gamereactor we are hardcore enemies of the HDR format war, but dual support for both HDR formats seem to be a good idea none the less. Panasonic is not above using its own brand features in the TV as well, giving way for HLG still images with HDR colours via Panasonics own cameras.

Panasonic launches new pre-calibrated 4K OLED

Dolby Atmos speakers are behind the TV, and are upwards firing, while a more traditional soundbar is placed underneath the panel.

As most other 2019 OLEDs, both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is supported, and the user interface can be customized to fit the desires of the user.

Expect this to be highend and high priced, pro-panel with colour calibration combined with dual HDR support will not come cheap when its available in your local electronics shop.

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