Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2: Frontlines - Bulge is out now on Steam

Unfolding during the Battle of the Bulge, the DLC is the first in the game's Frontline series.

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Panzer Corps 2: Frontlines - Bulge, the first DLC installment in an all-new series for the Second World War strategy game, is out now on Steam.

Set against the backdrop of the last major German offensive on the Western Front in World War II, this latest expansion enables players to experience a full campaign from the Allied perspective for the first time.

The Bulge DLC is the first expansion within Panzer Corps 2's all-new Frontlines chapter. This thrilling new saga will feature short, but intense, scenarios that showcase some of World War II's most pivotal battles in greater detail.

The full list of features contained within the DLC are:

  • Experience the Battle of the Bulge within a more zoomed-in scale, featuring the famous Siege of Bastogne

  • Unique Campaign Structure divided into smaller battles for detailed, focused gameplay.

  • Adverse weather conditions limit Allied airpower.

  • Earn heroes and extra units as rewards.

  • Tailor the experience by selecting easier or more challenging battles.

  • Enjoy a balanced gaming experience with rewards and scenario selection.

  • Adapt difficulty to individual skill levels and preferences.

You can check out an overview video for the DLC below:


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