Crusader Kings II

Paradox unveils new Crusader Kings board game

Grand strategy studio moving from the desktop to the tabletop.

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Paradox Interactive has revealed that its enduring strategy series Crusader Kings is heading to the tabletop, with the publisher this weekend announcing and then unveiling a Kickstarter campaign for Crusader Kings The Board Game, an upcoming tabletop game which is being made in conjunction with Free League Publishing.

In the spirit of the PC grand strategy game between three and five players will lead a dynasty through the annals of history. The board game take is set to maintain the game's focus on character development and emergent storytelling. Naturally, there's going to be plenty of "juicy medieval drama" to keep players engaged as they try to steer their historical families through history.

The standard consumer edition will set you back $69 / €58 / £51 and will be delivered in November of this year (if all goes to plan, of course). Each box will contain 70 plastic miniatures, 306 tokens, 289 cards, ten dynasty boards, five family boards, and a large game board.

There's no need to worry about pushing this one over the line as it's already funded, with the game's legion of fans quickly smashing through the campaign target. There are a couple of stretch goals left to hit, but given its instant popularity, it could be that Paradox and Free League need to start thinking of more.

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