Among Us

Patton Oswalt and Debra Wilson join the Among Us animated show

So does Phil Lamarr and Wayne Knight.

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The cast for the animated Among Us show continues to impress. Following the two previous batches of casting announcements, InnerSloth has now revealed a collection of additional stars that will be joining the series.

We're told that Patton Oswalt will be making an appearance as the white character, Debra Wilson will be lending her voice to the yellow character, Phil Lamarr as the brown character, and Wayne Knight as the lime character.

While you are likely very familiar with the voices of Oswalt, Wilson, and Lamarr, as they have appeared in countless animated shows and movies, and even non-animated projects and video games in the past, Knight is probably best known for his role of Newman in Seinfeld or Nedry in Jurassic Park, even if he has appeared in a variety of animated projects such as Tarzan and Toy Story 2.

Among Us

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