Tekken 8

People in Europe really love Tekken

Europe has been the biggest market for the fighting game series.

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It has always been known that Tekken is very popular in Europe, but even with this in mind, we weren't prepared for exactly how big the series is in our part of the world, as it turns out a majority of the world's Tekken players live here.

In a recent Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences interview with Tekken legend and long time producer Katsuhiro Harada, he revealed that Europe actually makes up 51% of all sold Tekken games since the first one. He also says the series has sold over 55 million copies, which means that over 28 million of the has been sold on our shores. It should be noted though that the interview took place before the release of Tekken 8 so the numbers do not reflect this (the real number of sold games is probably around 58 million copies today).

The US is the by far second biggest Tekken market, with 30% of all sold games. Of course this means there are only 19% left to share for the rest of the world, where Japan is probably a pretty significant part - although we suspect that a lot of Japanese Tekken gamers used to play in the arcades rather than buying the games for themselves back in the day.

Tekken 8

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