Xenoblade Chronicles X

People mad about Xenoblade Chronicles X "Battle Theme"

But is it really the official battle theme of the game?

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Monolith Soft., developer of the promissing Xenoblade Chronicles X, released a gameplay video two days ago, that featured no game sound, instead replaced by a song that resembled Linkin Park's numetal music. People then assumed it was the official Battle Theme for the game, and they... well, where not happy about it. You can perhaps understand why if you take a look at the gameplay video below.

Since the video is official, its safe to assume this song will be part of the official OST for the game, composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, but there's no indication whatsoever that this will in fact be playing on the game itself, much less as the battle theme. The game's official site even has samples of 4 background music pieces for the game, and none are for the song in question.

Regardless of this being the battle theme or not, the Wii U exclusive is looking promising and you can check how combat works in this lenghty piece.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

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