Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES League Finals hit Barcelona this weekend

The co-op final is among the competitions.

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After dominating the PES League season with victories in Japan during the Asia Round and in Argentina, the Frenchman Jeremy 'Tiomit' Bruniaux had to bow out in the semi-finals of the European round in Berlin. You may still remember the victory that Japanese Sofia had in the European Round, which is yet more proof that the world finals taking place in Barcelona this Saturday could still have a surprising outcome.

Indeed there are no clear favourites for the competition between the eight best PES players in the world, as besides the Frenchman, competitors from Asia (Sofia and Mayageka), Brazil (Fmestre12_PW and Henrykinho), and Italy (Ettorito97) will be joined by two regulars of the Pro Evolution Soccer scene who will have the advantage of playing at home: Alex Alguacil and josesg93.

Before the 1v1 final the co-op competition will be played too, which is the first time in the history of the PES League, seeing five teams of three players compete for the title. Among them are Alex Alguacil and Ettorito97, both members of Broken Silence, perhaps the favorite of this co-op final who won the European Round in Berlin a little over two months ago, although we'll also keep an eye on the French Team Neo, winners in Argentina in March and supported by Neo_Lotfi, winner of the first European solo final held in February.

A reward of $36,000 USD is promised to each of the four world champions of PES 2018, both solo and co-op, and we'll be there in person to cover the event, so don't miss it. Who do you think can win though?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

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