Conan Unconquered

Petroglyph: "We like to play together and have a good time"

The Conan Unconquered developer felt co-op was missing from the survival-RTS space, as they revealed when we spoke to them at GDC.

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Publisher Funcom and developer Petroglyph Games recently revealed that their survival-RTS Conan Unconquered will see release on May 30 for PC. The game, which puts one or two players in charge of a hero who needs to build structures and an army to defend against waves of incoming enemies, has been designed from the ground with co-op in mind.

"It was something that we found was kind of missing," said designer Renato Orellana. "There are other survival-RTS out there and we're inspired by them, right, but we found that we like to play games cooperatively. We like to just get together and have a good time. What this does to the game, as opposed to the solo thing, you will be seeing more creatures coming at you, but mainly we do that cause you can move faster through it."


There's a lot of things going on in Conan Unconquered, and a lot to learn as you start playing.

"We found, at least with this genre, this survival-RTS, that you know you're going to go in there and you're going to lose, right," continues Orellana. "But the thing is you learn a little bit, and you're like 'oh, okay' and then you keep moving forward and keep moving forward until like all of a sudden you're getting high-scores and then you're sharing the challenge link with other friends in order to challenge them."

Do you like this take on the genre?

Conan Unconquered

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