Pizza Hut expands its reach into gaming

Pizza Hot Gaming hopes to host community tournaments across a variety of major titles.

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With gaming now being the juggernaut that it is many major companies are stepping forward and trying to align their brands. One of the latest companies to announce its entrance into the world of gaming is Pizza Hut who has launched a new gaming arm known as Pizza Hut Gaming.

A dedicated Twitter page for Pizza Hut Gaming has now surfaced online and the company plans to join forces with a number of high-profile influencers in the future. Pizza Hut Gaming also plans to hold regular community tournaments across a range of major gaming titles. Pizza lovers will also be pleased to hear that the company is currently offering a giveaway where a free pizza will be handed out for every 100 followers on Twitter.

Catriona Woodward, head of digital for Pizza Hut UK & Europe said: "We are thrilled to announce that in partnership with Kairos Media, we are finally launching our dedicated Pizza Hut Gaming platform. We are working closely on some exciting initiatives throughout the year which will be revealed in the near future. We are very excited to finally communicate directly with our gaming audience directly, putting them front of mind, and, at the end of the day, who doesn't love pizza?"

Pizza Hut expands its reach into gaming

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