Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster gets free and premium rides this month

The Copperhead Strike from Carowinds Park is coming alongside the Classic Rides Collection so you can add more to your park.

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Frontier Developments has revealed that a new rollercoaster will be coming to Planet Coaster for free on April 16, and there's also a premium Classic Rides Collection coming on the same day as well.

The free coaster is the Copperhead Strike at Carowinds Park in North Carolina, using the original blueprints to recreate the ride and its double launching track layout, two 360 loops, corkscrew, and more.

The Classic Rides Collection, however, comes with nine rides and a variant ride, although we have fewer details on this package.

For a taste at the Copperhead Strike, take a look at the video below. Will you be using these rides?

Planet Coaster

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