Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster hits consoles in 2020

Next year we'll get to build our ideal theme parks, as Frontier Developments revealed during X019 this evening.

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During today's X019 livestream, developer Frontier Developments announced two new versions of their amusement park simulator Planet Coaster for Xbox One and (via press release later) also for PlayStation 4.

The title is expected to launch on consoles during summer next year and should offer "the same depth and the same scope" that PC gamers are used to.

All content and performance updates that have been made since the initial launch in 2016 are integrated with these versions, but we don't yet know how the DLC policy and the important mod tools are being handled.

In Planet Coaster, we become the manager of our own theme park, having to monitor the finances and many other aspects, to build the absolute best park in the whole world. You can find out more in our review.

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Planet CoasterPlanet Coaster

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