Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster's audio designer had a theme park to himself

Watson Wu showed the experience in two videos.

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Planet Coaster has just been released (read our review here) and rekindled the flame of theme park simulation games for many, with its commitment to creating the magic of theme parks just like old times. It seems that commitment even extended to audio, as videos by the man behind the audio, Watson Wu, revealed.

Wu was lucky enough to get a whole theme park to himself to record all the sounds for the games, going on rides, getting them to move for him, and generally living the dream... although he doesn't seem to be as thrilled as many of us would be in the same situation.

"Frontier Developments tasked me to search, organise, and record sounds of authentic coaster and flat rides for their theme park simulation game," Wu said in the video. "I needed to find a theme park where I could capture various attractions without ambient noise."

You can see how he does this in the two videos here and here. What would you do if you had a theme park all to yourself?

Planet Coaster

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