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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo gets funny cheat codes just in time for Easter

Hot on the heels of the new South American DLC expansion, you'll be able to get creative with physics, balloons, and more.

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The Easter holidays are just around the corner and the developers at Frontier Developments have come up with a little surprise precisely for this time of the year. With the new South American-themed DLC the studio introduced a few cheat codes and in their latest presser, they told us about these codes in more detail. What's more, if you experiment a little, you may find some hidden surprises, too.

To activate and deactivate the cheats you have to assign animals or objects in the game with the correct commands/names. For example, if you want to see red hearts flying through the compound whenever animals do like they do on the Discovery channel, you have to rename any given animal to "MontseC". Another example: if you name any animal "MeggieB", you can make it "super fluffy". If you want to deactivate the new animations, however, the animal in question must be given a new name.

If you want to lighten the mood in your park further, you can distribute balloons to all of your guests by naming one of them "SelenaM". The command for everyone to let their balloons fly off all at once is "JayC". Please note, that not every PC might be able to handle the added workload, so be warned about possible performance issues.

There is another cheat code that provides the game with extreme physics. If you want to play around with that a little, call an animal "DaveBamber" and hope for the best. Frontier shows you below how their cheat codes might look in the game.

Planet ZooPlanet Zoo
Planet Zoo
Planet ZooPlanet Zoo

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