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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is giving players a new cake shop and a new species of lemur in celebration of its second anniversary

A special Community Challenge is also now taking place.

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It has now been two years since Frontier handed us the toolbox capable of creating the zoo of our dreams. In that time Planet Zoo has massively expanded with it receiving many free updates and premium animal packs spanning every corner of the globe.

To celebrate this milestone, Frontier has released some free DLC that is out now for all players. The most exciting addition here is a brand-new lemur species, which can be seen pictured below. The black and white ruffed lemur has arrived shortly after World Lemur Day, and it will no doubt prove to be an adorable addition to your zoo. The other new free slice of content is a new shop called Bernie's Bakes. These shops will serve up many delicious baked goods for your guests, and it's mouth-watering just looking at the cupcakes dotted across their roofs.

Lastly, a special Community Challenge is set to take place in-game November 5-7. During this event, zookeepers will receive bonuses for releasing their animals. For every five animals released, players will receive a boosted animal that has an 80%+ in any gene. Additionally, an avatar item will be unlocked for every 20 released, but this is capped at 600 animals per user.

Planet Zoo
Planet Zoo

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