Planetside 2

Planetside 2 and H1Z1 hit by Lizard Squad DDoS attacks

Daybreak targeted after war of words with John Smedley.

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The writing was on the wall as soon as John Smedley spoke up yesterday following confirmation that a Lizard Squad hacker based in Finland had avoided jail time despite being found guilty of 50,700 charges related to computer crimes.

In his posts on Reddit and Twitter, Smedley, CEO of Daybreak Game Company, called out 17-year old Julius "zeekill" Kivimaki, announcing rather publicly that he intends to continue pursuing him through the courts, and that he thinks even his parents should be held accountable for his illegal actions.

The response to these threats? DDoS attacks by Lizard Squad on Daybreak's games, including Planetside 2 and H1Z1. As Smedley himself confirmed on Twitter: "Getting a minor DDOS. We're working on it. should be back up soon. #annoying"

The bad blood between Smedley and Lizard Squad can be traced back to last year, when a plane carrying the Daybreak boss (back when they were Sony Online Entertainment) was grounded following a bomb threat. Understandably he's still quite upset about the whole thing.

"This shit is real to my life and my family's life and I'm sure as hell not lying down for it for a second," he said. "I've been working with law enforcement to put him and others into jail where they belong. Some of them are minors which makes it tough. Most of them are outside the US, which makes it tougher. But I'm patient and I'm going to be relentless about this."

Expect this story to run on for a while longer yet.

Planetside 2

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