Play as a Padawan in new Star Wars themed DLC for Minecraft

The new adventure is called Path of the Jedi and includes plenty of legendary Jedi and iconic places to visit.

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During Minecraft Live earlier today, Mojang and Star Wars had a pretty big surprise in store for the fans. It turns out Minecraft is getting fleshed out with a Star Wars themed and story-based adventure called Path of the Jedi.

As the name implies, you will get to play a Padawan and as it is Minecraft DLC, you will get to customise a whole lot of things like your own droid and even lightsaber. Your adventures will take you to various places in the beloved galaxy far, far away like Coruscant and Kamino, and there will also be plenty of familiar faces to meet - including Ahsoka Tano, General Grievous, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Sounds good, doesn't it? You will be able to start your adventure on November 7, and StarWars.com says you should "Head to the Dressing Room for an R2-D2 shirt — free until December 7".

Check out the trailer below for a taste of things to come.


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