Fallout 4

Play as Dogmeat in Fallout 4

You can now play fetch with yourself in Bethesda's RPG.

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Everyone's favourite Fallout 4 companion is undoubtedly Dogmeat, he's the only one without inane dialogue and he certainly won't ask you to help any Minutemen settlements. However modder AbbaLovesyou has taken the Dogmeat appreciation to the next level.

The mod dubbed Be The Dog let's you play as Dogmeat. Actually it lets you play as any dog from Fallout 4, so if you've always wanted to role-play a raider's dog, now you can.

Being a dog does come with limitations, for one you can't carry a weapon, all you have are your claws and teeth. This means your attacks are one of four things, either one of two bites, a jumping bite while stationary or a running jump bite.

As you might expect there are a few issues with this mod. Firstly, if you're in first-person you can't equip a Pip-boy which means you'll have to play with no HUD, and secondly the game will crash after the intro unless you turn back into a human. Due to this second error it's advised that you load a save before you leave the vault for the first time.

Fallout 4

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