Rock Band 4

Players will be able to rock out with Rock Band 4 on next-gen consoles

The base game and all of its DLC will be compatible, Harmonix confirms.

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Harmonix has revealed that Rock Band 4 and all of its DLC tracks will be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, allowing players to continue their musical journeys. The guitar, drums, and microphone peripherals will all be compatible with the consoles, as it's just a case of plugging yourself in and playing. The titles on next-gen will also be compatible with those playing on older hardware.

Harmonix posted on its website: "Our team has been diligently testing a bunch of old gear on the new systems to make sure everything works exactly as it does today. When you break open those crisp new consoles, you should be able to connect your existing, compatible peripherals and play Rock Band 4 right out of the box."

The post also reveals that Rock Band 4 on next-gen consoles will also see benefits from the new hardware. Loading times will be reduced, allowing you to get into the action much faster, and apparently, there will be a "pretty sizable performance increase."

Rock Band 4

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