PlayStation 5's DualSense controller now fully supported on Steam

To accommodate for the growing controller userbase on Steam, players can use Sony's brand-new DualSense.

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The next-gen of gaming has started, and Sony's new console is the PlayStation 5. Aside from having a new console, another new thing is the new controller DualSense. You can read our review about the controller right here.

Now Valve has added full support for PlayStation 5's controller. Fully supported games are for example Death Stranding, No Man's Sky and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

According to Valve, Steam users are using more and more gamepads while playing PC games. During these past two years, the number of average daily gamepad users has more than doubled. Users gaming with PlayStation controllers has grown rapidly. Two years ago only 10.9% of gamepad players were using a PlayStation controller, and now the number is 21.6%.

PlayStation 5's DualSense controller now fully supported on Steam

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