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Pokémon Go is heading to the Alola region next

With the announcement of Generation 9 in the books, Niantic's AR game is welcoming Generation 7.

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With yesterday being the annual Pokémon Day, there have been a variety of reasons to talk about the pocket monster franchise. While the announcement of Generation 9 is by far the biggest news to come from the day, Pokémon Legends Arceus also received an update, and there was also a new announcement for Niantic's augmented reality title, Pokémon Go as well.

Shared in a brief teaser video, it has been revealed that Generation 7 will be arriving in the massively popular mobile game as soon as tomorrow, March 1, with the release of a new season inspired by the tropical region of Alola.

While there are already a few Pokémon from Generation 7 available in-game today, this season is set to bring a variety of other Gen 7 Pokémon for trainers to search for and to catch. This does include the three starter Pokémon from the region; Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio, as well as a few other creatures that have since been teased, including Pikipek, Rockruff, and the Legendary Tapu Koko.

With the season set to arrive tomorrow, expect more details on the Alolan-based season to arrive soon.

Pokémon Go

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