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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

Poll Reveals Most Popular Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

Even over 25 years in, new Pokemon are still proving to be incredibly popular.

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A new poll has ranked the top 50 most popular Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While this poll only focuses on the Japanese audience for the game, it is still interesting to see which of the new faces of the franchise are proving to be the favourites.

The top three are all made up of new Pokemon added in Scarlet and Violet. Taking the number 3 spot is Meowscarada, the final evolution of the Grass starter Sprigatito. Number 2 is Clodsire, the evolution of Paldean Wooper, and the top spot is held by Tinkaton, a Fairy/Steel-type.

Some old favourites made the top 50, but otherwise it seems Pokemon's ninth generation is full of likeable designs for fans. Even with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet taking some hits from reviewers for their poor performance, the latest games have proved to be hits, and the unique new Pokemon designs are sure to be a part of that.

Thanks, ResetEra

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

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