PowerA is releasing a Hades-themed Nintendo Switch controller

Sadly though, it's listed as "temporarily out of stock."

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PowerA has produced many excellent third-party controllers for the Nintendo Switch over the years that have sported designs from some of favourite franchises. Whilst many of its previous controllers focused on juggernaut franchises such as Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, its latest release is instead inspired by the indie scene.

The manufacturer has revealed that it will be selling a new Hades-themed wireless controller on September 17. Pre-orders at this point are not available and on Amazon, it is listed as "temporarily out of stock." The controller, which you can see below, is decorated with an image of the game's protagonist Zagreus and it is covered in icons representing in-game powerups. It looks to be a reskinned version of the Pokemon 25th anniversary controller that we reviewed earlier in the year (the review for that can be found here).

Is this one that you will be adding to your collection?


Thanks, Comic Book.

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