Prison Architect 2

Prison Architect 2 development has been passed onto a different developer

Double Eleven is moving on from the series and Kokku is taking over as the lead developer attached to the project.

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It seems like the delays are just an idea as to what's been going on behind-the-scenes of development of Prison Architect 2. With the game now set for a September 3 launch following its most recent delay, yet another change is being made in the background, as Double Eleven, the lead developer on the game and the team that ported the original game to console and who has worked on the series for the past nine years, is moving on from the franchise and passing development duties onto former support studio Kokku fully.

Paradox has issued a statement explaining why this has happened in further detail, adding, "With the sequel passing certification on all platforms, the contract was fulfilled. However, we could not find a commercial agreement that worked for both parties moving forward and mutually agreed to part ways."

Kokku has been involved in the development of Prison Architect 2 since autumn last year, and will now be tasked with ensuring the game is ready for its widespread launch in a few months. Game director at Double Eleven Gaz Wright has published a statement confirming this:

"Kokku has been working with us since around gamescom last year to help get Prison Architect 2 ready, and gearing up to take the baton, which they did fully in January of this year. They are just as passionate as our team, with a love of the genre. Alongside finishing up features for the game over the last few months, we've also had some really fun discussions together about ideas and content they could add in the years ahead."

There is no mention yet as to what the future holds for Double Eleven, but hopefully with this development change now made public the game can hit its next planned launch date without any further issues.

Prison Architect 2

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