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      Private jet tracking teen has set his sights on Russian oligarchs

      The teen rose to fame after creating various social media accounts that would update viewers on the locations of celebrity private jets.

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      A month ago, we reported on the wild story of a teen who had constructed a tracking network that would use public flight information to document and subsequently publish data on the location of private jets of various famous people. The teen, Jack Sweeney, had created social media accounts that would provide constant updates on the location of private jets from the likes of billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, but rose to fame for his account ElonJet, which tracked Elon Musk's plane.

      The success ultimately drew the attention of Musk, who attempted to pay the teen to remove the tracking system, before ultimately deciding to upgrade his jet to make it more challenging to track instead. Now, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine continuing, the teen has set his sights on a new target to track: Russian oligarchs.

      Reported by Business Insider, the teen already has an active Twitter account, which is called Russian Oligarch Jets, and publishes a bunch of data on where the wealthy Russians travel. But, this isn't the only account that Sweeney has set up, as he has also created a second account that tracks Vladimir Putin and Russian VIPs, although Sweeney has noted that due to a lack of public flight data in Russia, this data is probably not all that accurate.

      Be sure to take a look at all the oligarchs that the account is tracking here.

      Private jet tracking teen has set his sights on Russian oligarchs

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