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Pro Fortnite players unhappy with peripherals at TwitchCon

The tournament requires players to use assigned settings and hardware.

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Fortnite is hosting a tournament at TwitchCon for a number of pro players, but it turns out that the mandatory requirements haven't gone down well with many of them, as Rod 'Slasher' Breslau was one of the many to point out why they weren't satisfied with the decision.

He took to Twitter to share the requirements, which include screen settings of 1920x1080, saying:

"Epic Games is hosting a close to $2 Million Fortnite esports tournament at TwitchCon and is forcing all players on both PC and console to use on-site peripherals (mice/keyboard/controllers) AND max video settings. This is not competitive. It's amateur dressed up as esports."

"Logistical concerns of swapping out peripherals to streamline the event during TwitchCon? Sure. Then have another ProAm celebrity event for charity. But Epic putting up $2M with an event for Fortnite pros, make it legitimate. All this does is decrease skill across the board."

VP of Esports at Infinite Sports and Entertainment Jacob Toft-Andersen responded by asking:

"Have they, Epic Games, referred to it as an 'Esport tournament' anywhere? Seems like an activation, and as you rightfully mentioned, amateurish and wholly promotional. Which is of course fine and their right to do."

Slasher responded:

"Half the event is a 'Stream-vitational' featuring Fortnite creators and randomly selected TwitchCon goers. That sounds promotional to me. The other half is a duos tournament with players selected, which will be a lot of pro players. That sounds like an esports tournament to me."

It wasn't only Slasher who was upset with these choices though, as Team Liquid co-owner Steve Arhancet said:

"Forced equipment is disappointing. You can't ask kids who's dream to make it pro one day to change their gear nor an experienced pro to do the same. It's becomes not about the game anymore, it's how good someone can be using Logitech. Encourage to reconsider for the dreamers."

The screen resolution is also something that's worrying people specifically, with many saying that pro players have certain settings off like shadows, otherwise it makes it a lot harder to see. It has also raised questions about how the performance will be at the event.

What's your take on this mandatory requirements?


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