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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water offers gore and skimpy dresses

The original launched on the Wii U back in 2014.

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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water is getting a remaster on October 28 for PC, Playstation, Switch and Xbox. The original was a Wii U title that launched back in 2014, and was largely missed by a lot of gamers. If you feel like celebrating Halloween this year with a Japanese horror game - this might be something for you.

It should be worth noticing though, that it is very Japanese, in a way that we assume not everyone will appreciate. As the game has now been age-rated by the American ESRB, we know that it will still have the gore and scary scenes from the original:

"Some sequences reveal the circumstances leading to the creation of the ghosts: a man hanging himself; a woman impaled with a sword; a man run over by a car; a woman slashing her own throat; a character jumping to her death). A handful of ghosts are depicted with large blood stains on their clothing and bodies; cutscenes also depict large blood-splatter effects, with characters stabbed and impaled."

However, all the so called fan service from the original with very revealing outfits for the female character is also still here as ESRB declares:

"Some female characters are depicted in revealing costumes with deep cleavage (e.g., swimsuits, skin-tight outfits, wet clothing that appears slightly transparent). In one scene, a woman's picture is taken from a first-person perspective; the camera angles become more suggestive (e.g., panning/lingering on breasts), as the scene progress with the character on a bed."

There will also be plenty of different swimsuit costumes and stuff like that to use for the female characters, but we're not entirely sure how this enhances a Japanese horror game.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Thanks, Twisted Voxel.

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