Ultra Street Fighter IV

PS4 Ultra Street Fighter IV patch coming soon

Capcom's game should be updated next week.

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Sony has updated fans on Twitter, explaining that a much-needed patch for Ultra Street Fighter IV should be coming next week: "PS4 patch expected to land next week, we'll keep you posted on details. Thanks for your patience!"

Earlier this week we reported that the launch of the game had been soured by a variety of performance issues. It seems that a fix is on the way, although it hasn't come soon enough to stop the developers from pulling the game from their own tournament, the Capcom Pro Tour.

The PS4 version is also supposed to be used during high profile fighter tournament Evo, but the organisers are currently evaluating the situation and maybe be forced to change their plans should the incoming patch fail to address the raft of issues currently plaguing the game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

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