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PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headset

Retailing at just £69.99, the PuroGamer marks Puro Sounds Labs first stab at delivering its esteemed volume-limiting tech into the gaming market.

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A new gaming peripheral has hit the market, offering brand-new tech at a low price - introducing the PuroGamer volume-limited gaming headset. The robust design of the headset is constructed from vegan leathers and features an adjustable band that can be tailored for a comfortable fit, regardless of your head shape. At just 13oz we found the PuroGamer to rest comfortably on our head while carrying a sleek and glossy touch despite being comprised of ethical alternatives. The ear cups, however, felt awfully compact (not good for our abnormally large ears) and we found our ears would generate heat rather quickly resulting in us having to remove them for short durations.

The PuroGamer opts for a simplistic all-black design and features LED lighting on its ear cups and mic tip to offer a contrasting shade of vibrant blue. It's a good looking headset and it doesn't look noticeably cheap despite its price tag, but it doesn't stand out on looks alone. Disappointingly, there is no accompanying software present allowing you to alter the shade or intensity of the two light sources. The lighting also cannot be displayed when using a Switch or mobile as you need to have the USB input plugged in to activate it.

The PuroGamer has a frequency response of 20hz - 18khz and strives to protect the precious hearing of listeners by limiting its output above 85db (the threshold where permanent hearing loss is said to occur). This safety net meant that we didn't have to suffer from obnoxious ringing after longer play sessions and we found that the audio quality sounded crisp and clear and not compressed. We were pleased with the headset performance for both gaming and general listening and its preventive measures we imagine will be a huge plus point for parents and those conscious of hearing damage.


We found that the noise-cancelling omnidirectional microphone made for clear audio capture and easily did the trick whether we were streaming or chatting with others mid-game. The microphone is comprised of a bendy plastic that can be shaped simply to achieve the optimum position for voice capture. It's also fully removable which is appreciated as it didn't have to be in our face when we felt the urge to sit back and listen to music. We did, however, find that we had to place it abnormally close to our lips to produce a solid audio signal almost as if we were whispering, but this was just a minor annoyance.

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A blemish that was hard to ignore was that all volume altering controls were housed on a bulky plastic brick and not on the headset itself. This meant that gestures we hoped to perform swiftly like muting our mic during stream took a fair amount of faffing around with. We also found that the USB input proved to be a persistent pain when playing on either Switch (in handheld) or mobile as it would keep flapping around and obstructing our screen. This USB cable presented another annoyance when playing on PS4 or Xbox as its slight length meant we had to be tethered to our console if we wanted to use the mic for party chat and we no longer had the freedom of using our controller wirelessly.

We should note too that the PuroGamer is only available as a wired headset - there is no Bluetooth support or wireless premium option currently on the market. The braided cable it comes with is also not detachable, meaning that you will have to shell out on a replacement if it was to fall victim to a pet or young child. The cable is at a respectable 140cm in length though and with it being braided, it feels less likely to be damaged than a standard plastic coating.

With its modest price tag and noise limiting capabilities, we can see the PuroGamer being an attractive choice between both parents and those on a budget looking to expand their setup. We found its minimalist design to be alluring and were impressed by the quality of its output even when listening to music at higher volumes. We did find the ear cups to feel a little small though leading to discomfort and the volume controls on the cable itself felt cumbersome to operate. That said, the quality to price ratio here is solid and if you can look past its few drawbacks, we can't imagine you'll feel too disappointed with the PuroGamer.

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