Radeon VII supply will be less than 100 cards per country

The UK looks to be getting around 90, but it could be much lower in other European countries like France or Spain.

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While the price is relatively well established at €739. according to Cowcotland, availability is a serious problem with AMD's Radeon VII card, as there are reportedly 20 cards available in France, and 20 cards in Spain.

It's becoming clear that availability will be a big issue then, and the UK has been rumoured to receive less than 100 cards, which has been confirmed by Andrew Gibbons, employee of British retailer Overclockers, stating that they alone will get 44 cards.

Gibbons clarifies: "we essentially have just over half UK launch allocation", insinuating that the actual UK availability will be around 90 cards in total.

There is still no word on cards from third-party companies like MSI or Aorus, but with the Chinese New Year, most factories have most likely been closed for the last few days. This is even further complicated as Chinese celebrations can lead to three weeks of closed factories, according to East West Manufacturing.

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Radeon VII supply will be less than 100 cards per country

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