Rage 2

Rage 2's Update 2 is here, bringing three new modes

There are other features like cheats, tweaks, and more to enjoy in Avalanche Studios and id Software's shooter.

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QuakeCon was rather busy this year for Bethesda fans, as not only did we have more details on Doom Eternal's Battlemode, but we also had the news that the first three games were being re-released on modern consoles.

Even Rage 2 fans had something to celebrate, as the event marked the release of a free update bringing new content to the game, as you can see in the trailer below. New Game+ is one of the new modes available, letting you play through the story again with all your gear to earn Prestige Badges, as well as an Iron Man mode, which essentially means Permadeath. Topping this off is Ultra Nightmare, which pumps up the difficulty, as you'd imagine.

Cheats have been added to Rage 2 since launch as well, and there are new ones to enjoy here (including Dash Ragdoll and Super Knockback), as well as a voice pack featuring BJ Blazkowicz, which is appropriate considering the very recent launch of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. You can even skip Prowley's cutscene now too, if you really don't want to listen.

Are you ready to dive back in?

Rage 2

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