Raiders of the Broken Planet gets big economy update

Those with the free Prologue can now access the in-game economy.

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Mercury Steam has unveiled a new dev diary in which they talk about the new economy update for Raiders of the Broken Planet, the first major update for the game that'll drastically change the way players can experience it.

Raiders of the Broken Planet features a free Prologue and four campaigns, each costing £9.99, and previously players of the Prologue weren't able to access to full economy of the game, while those who paid for the other campaigns were. This is now changing, though, as the update is opening the economy to everyone, as even those who own the Prologue can access Gold, Faction Points, and Character points, allowing you to unlock characters, build weapons, and more.

Also, while Mikah, Ginebra, and Dr. Kuzmann were previously reserved for those with the Alien Myths campaign, now anyone can unlock them by using Gold.

Mercury Steam promises that "this is the first of many changes MercurySteam will be making in the next weeks and months to ensure that Raiders of the Broken Planet players have more flexibility and options to enjoy the game's content."

If you're interested in the game, you can find more details about it on Steam, or check out our review of the Prologue and Alien Myths. Do you like the changes made so far?


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