Dead by Daylight

Rainbow Six: Siege has come to Dead by Daylight

In the form of new skins inspired by Operators from the shooter.

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Dead by Daylight has really bought into the metaverse trend that has become common for games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. We've seen all kinds of major crossovers and collaborations debuting in the survival horror title, and while many may look at Chucky being the last big one, Behaviour Interactive has now teamed up with Ubisoft for yet another.

As Rainbow Six: Siege has now come to Dead by Daylight as part of a new collection of outfits that allow players to customise Adam Francis, Felix Richter, and Renato Lyra with skins themed after Operators from Ubisoft's tactical shooter.

In particular, Adam Francis is getting a skin tailored after Wamai, Felix Richter after Blitz, and Renato Lyra after Tubarão.

Speaking about the collaboration, Dead by Daylight's product manager, Kirby Taylor, stated, "We've had a blast working with the Siege team on this collaboration. Bringing over elements of Rainbow Six Siege was a fun challenge given how visually different the two games are, but we're really happy with the results."

Check out the collaboration in action in the trailer below.

Dead by Daylight

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