Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege players aren't happy about a new $10 per month subscription

It gives paying players access to exclusive premium content.

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Rainbow Six: Siege is introducing a controversial new subscription in year 9 season 2. The R6 Membership costs $10 a month, or $80 if you pay annually, and it brings paying players some new premium content.

That includes epic skins, instant battle pass access with 10 starting levels and a Bravo pack. Fans haven't taken too fondly to this new way to grab at the money in their wallets. Over on Reddit (thanks, PC Gamer) players have pointed out why they don't think the R6 Membership is a good idea.

"I understand they took [the] idea from Fortnite with it Crew membership," wrote SlipstreamSpace117. "But [the] difference is, Fortnite is [a] free to play game, and R6 is not."

There are some other arguments made against the membership, while others are simply sharing their rage. Either way, it seems Rainbow Six: Siege players are giving this a big thumbs down, but we'll have to wait and see if it's enough to prevent Ubisoft from going forward.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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