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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege to get a new creative director

It will be the title's third in its near seven-year lifespan.

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It's almost time for Ubisoft to announce, and then shortly afterward, launch the seventh year of its popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. With that coming up, we can look forward to hearing about the next Operator and all the new improvements and updates coming to the title, but before that is all revealed, Ubisoft has shared that the game will be getting a new creative director, the game's third in seven years.

Mentioned in a blog post, the current creative director, Leroy Athanassoff has announced that he will be leaving the role to "pursue other opportunities at Ubisoft." In his place, it has also been shared that Alexander Karpazis will be taking over the role when Athanassoff eventually does leave.

While Athanassoff has credited "personal reasons" for the change, he did also leave a statement that said "this isn't a decision I make lightly", and that he's "confident that it's the right one". As for where Athanassoff will go next, all that was said was, "I won't be going too far, and I have a feeling that my journey with this incredible game is far from over," which does suggest he will remain connected to the game in some way.

As for Karpazis, in the blog post, it was mentioned that he has been working on the game since its Alpha, and that he will be using his experience of working on the game over the years to help deliver "one of the most ambitious years in Siege's history."

Ubisoft hasn't yet set a date for when the seventh year of Siege will be unveiled, but if past proceedings are anything to go by, we can likely expect to hear more on the final day of the 2022 Six Invitational, which is currently slated to be February 20.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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