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Razer Blade Stealth (GTX 1650)

Razer has updated its Stealth laptop with a powerful graphics card and it makes a huge difference.

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Earlier this year, Razer released a product that we found hard to love. Sure, it was well-designed, had a solid keyboard and was an overall quality product, but it seemed as though the identity of the laptop was scattered and confused. We're of course talking about the Razer Blade Stealth, which released last year sporting an improved design and an Nvidia MX150 mobile graphics card that increased battery life. However, the "improvements" didn't really change the Stealth for the better, instead, it somehow made the laptop worse and more expensive.

Razer has apparently received a lot of criticism regarding the MX150 so it's no surprise that we can now consider the model as a warm-up for what Razer was bound to follow it up with. That's right, the company has now launched yet another version of the laptop that is completely identical to the model from last year on a number of parameters apart from the fact that it sports a new GPU and CPU solution, and we're pleased to confirm that these changes have completely transformed the machine for the better.

First of all, it's worth mentioning that the Razer Blade Stealth continues to be among the best-designed laptops on the market and we're not talking ultrabooks exclusively here, but across the laptop spectrum. The chassis is made of anodized aluminium that attracts fingerprints like crazy but also makes the Blade Stealth an extremely robust laptop. It's not cumbersome to carry around either, with its 15.3-millimetre height and 1.42kg weight.

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Razer Blade Stealth (GTX 1650)

This is particularly impressive when you consider how powerful the new hardware additions actually make the Blade Stealth. The test unit that we received came with an i7-1065G7 CPU, which is one of Intel's brand-new 10th generation processors, and it was paired with an Nvidia GTA 1650 Max-Q and 16GB of RAM. In addition, the machine had a 512GB NVME SSD. The Blade Stealth houses some fine specifications, that's for sure. More than enough to challenge certain creator-based machines. The screen can be upgraded to a 4K panel but ours was equipped with a 1080p 60Hz display that covered 99% sRGB and 74% Adobe RGB with 462 NITS peak.

So there are some pretty impressive specs in the Blade Stealth despite its size, and our unit didn't actually start showing signs of throttling at all, despite pushing it through various suites.

In 3D Mark Firestrike, for example, it beat the Dell XPS 15 with 6957. However, it pales in comparison to machines with a larger chassis, some of which house a standard version of the 1650 graphics card. Among other things, we played Overwatch at 94fps in 1080p on high settings and we also got Apex Legends up to 66fps with the same setup. However, Shadow of the Tomb Raider had to settle for about 50fps on high, but we were still impressed with the fact that this machine managed to provide a more stable frame rate in SotTR than the PS4 Pro could. Especially since it, again, weighs in at just 1.42kg.

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Razer Blade Stealth (GTX 1650)

As we stated prior, the laptop rarely got hot enough to make using it uncomfortable. It didn't get much higher than 46-46 degrees without throttling. At the same time, the Blade Stealth still has one of the best Windows-based trackpads on the market and probably the most tactile and satisfying keyboard among the various ultrabooks, with the exception of the Surface Laptop 3.

All of this grandeur comes with a price though. In fact, the version we received will set you back £1,709.99, but it's certainly a jack-of-all-trades purchase and while we're comparing it to the Surface Laptop 3, the Surface is still more expensive with 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and integrated graphics.

The power of the machine also forces some sacrifices to be made. Our machine with a 1080p display lasted about 5.5 hours during mixed-use and the power supply is on the large side. That said, the Blade Stealth is simply fantastic, and even if you have to compromise somewhat in some aspects, Razer has more than corrected the lopsided path they had taken with the Stealth and finally, it's worthy of the Blade title.

Razer Blade Stealth (GTX 1650)
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