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Razer Edge to release later this month

The handheld system will come in one of two variants, with a price tag starting at $400.

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The CES news keeps on rolling in, and this time it's Razer's turn at the podium. To kick things off, the technology company has announced that the Razer Edge handheld gaming system will be debuting as soon as later this month, on January 26 to be exact.

The system which boasts a 6.8" AMOLED display that operates at a 2400x1080 FHD+ resolution will run at up to 144Hz, and is designed to be the first system built for Snapdragon's G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform.

The Razer Edge will come in one of two variants: the regular Wi-Fi edition and the Razer Edge 5G, which can connect to cellular networks, although how this product will debut outside of the US is unclear as it will sell exclusively at Verizon stores in the country.

As for how much the Razer Edge will start retailing for, it will clock in at $399.99.

Razer Edge to release later this month

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