Razer Naga Trinity

3-in-1 is Razer's new formula as they combine all previous models into one mega-Naga-mouse.

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The Naga series from Razer has always been a go-to option for MOBA and MMO players, and they come in a range of models including the "Hex" and "Epic". Hex comes with a 7-button panel that's arranged in a circular pattern and made specifically for MOBA games, whereas the Epic edition is equipped with a numerical keypad that includes 12 buttons and is, therefore, better suited to those MMO players who need more inputs (oh, and it's wireless).

For those who don't want to choose, or for those who only want their extra-wide Naga mouse in a regular two-button configuration, there's the new Naga Trinity. It comes with all the best features from the Chroma, V2 and everything else, all wrapped up in one and the same package. Clever.

This is achieved by taking the left side panel and placing a number of electrical contacts deep inside the mouse, and making the panel itself connect to the mouse using powerful magnets. This means that you can switch between 2, 7 and 12 button layouts in a couple of seconds. The driver pops up and tells you which configuration you have set, and they can then be saved and customised individually through Synapse, Razer's accompanying software. Synapse 3 is admittedly only in beta, but it works well enough already. Generally, the quality of Razer's drivers is quite high, and it comes with a truly well-designed interface.

The panels are surprisingly high quality, and despite being separate units, the build quality of the buttons is the same. It all feels good, solid, and robust. When it comes to our favourite configuration in terms of tactile sensation, the 7-button option is definitely the most satisfying.

Razer Naga Trinity
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The buttons are designed for programming and binding macro functions in a gazillion different ways. With the three panels on offer, the possibilities are many. It also gives players the option of total customisation depending on the game you're dealing with, and if you play very different games, the interchangeable side panel is particularly handy.

The sensor is Razer's own 16,000 DPI 5G sensor - probably a modified PixArt PMW 3389 sensor. It is theoretically the same as the one in a Deathadder Elite - though tracking for uncertain reasons was more consistent with the Deathadder during the test period. The contacts under the mouse buttons are mechanical and that can be felt in the most positive way.

However, there are bumps on the road. The mouse wheel is not as fluid in motion nor as crisp as might be expected, and although the Naga Trinity is very ergonomic, it's not very suitable for first-person shooters. While that's not the point of this particular mouse, it would be great if the right side panel could be replaced as well. The form factor is solely for right-handed users, again, this could be solved by making both side panels exchangeable. It's made using the same rubber surface on the sides, just like the materials used in the latest Razer releases. The weight of 120 grams offers a fine mix between lightweight handling and the sense of quality you get with a touch of heft.

It's also equipped with full RGB lighting, but it's quite tastefully integrated and can be customised, as you can with just about everything else. Naga Trinity is a great concept and a good mouse. However, long may this wave of adaptations continue because we're looking forward to a wireless V2 version that also has a replaceable right-side panel.

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Razer Naga Trinity
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Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity

HARDWARE. Written by Kim Olsen

3-in-1 is Razer's new formula as they combine all previous models into one mega-Naga-mouse.

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