Razer reveals a case Tomahawk Elite

Features integrated water cooling from EK Waterblocks and offers gull-wing type doors for the special sports car form factor.

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Razer has expanded their business with a water-cooled case with special features and design. At the CES 2019, Razer showed off their new Tomahawk Elite case with integrated water cooling from the specialists at EK Waterblocks, gull-wing type opening doors, using gas-powered pistons, all to accommodate a classic ATX setup.

And while the sides open up via pistons, the top plate - in glass - will rise to increase air cooling via hydraulic pumps. This does however also suggest that you can't mount a radiator on the top part of the case.

All cable are kept braided and black, while the chassis itself is in aluminum.

It's going to be interesting to see what Razer can bring to the case scene, and not least, what the pricing will be like.

Razer reveals a case Tomahawk Elite
Razer reveals a case Tomahawk Elite
Razer reveals a case Tomahawk Elite

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