Sniper Elite 3

Rebellion talks criticism and review scores

Studio reflects on the reason behind their game's low scores.

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Over the years Rebellion has released several interesting games: Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, Dead to Rights: Reckoning, Miami Vice: The Game, Rogue Trooper, Aliens vs. Predator and Rogue Warrior, to name but a few. Despite this, the studio has survived for 22 years in the industry and is currently one of very few independent, self-owned British game developers.

The studio's latest game, Sniper Elite 3, has been selling really well during the past week, and topped the latest GfK Chart-Track top twenty, as did its predecessor before it. Many gamers have been enjoying the long-range shooter, but critics haven't been quite as complimentary (it's currently hovering around the 70 mark on Metacritic - higher on PC, lower on console).

That kind of critical indifference has plagued the studio for many years. Now, the Rebellion's co-founder, CEO and creative director - Jason Kingsley - has offered his thoughts on why the studio's games don't get the best scores:

To a certain extent, our games are loved more by the audience that plays them than they're loved by the professional reviewer. We seem to, if you look at some of the aggregation sites, do better with user reviews than we do with professional reviews. I think if we get fairly criticised, and constructively criticised by professional reviewers, then, whilst it's hard to sometimes take criticism for something you've worked on for a couple of years, that's fine. And I'd defend everybody's right to say whatever the hell they like about my games."

To see what we thought of their latest game, you can read our review of Sniper Elite 3 by heading this way.

Sniper Elite 3
Sniper Elite 3Sniper Elite 3

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